Sunday, March 13, 2011


The invention of electricity is one of the greatest wonders of science. This most valuable gift of science has proved to be a boon to mankind. It has become an essential thing in life without which comfortable life is not possible. There is no sphere of life in which it is not used these days. It has completely changed our world as it is very useful in many ways.

Electricity lights our cities, towns and villages. Just a push to a switch makes the darkest of the night full of the day-like illumination. It is used in offices to light them, to run photostat machines, to work typewriters and teleprinters, and to operate computers and other such devices.
In summer season electric fans, air coolers, air conditioners and air conditioning plants are run by electricity to keep houses, offices and other places cool and comfortable. In the season of winter cooking heaters, room heaters and heating plants in offices and factories are run by electricity. Electric bells, steam presses, telegraphs, telephones, refrigerators, machinery, radio, television, and hundred other devices cannot work without electricity.

Electric trains and trams run on electricity and make our journey cheaper, faster and more comfortable and at the same time smoke free. Electricity plays a significant role in industry and agriculture. Big and heavy machines are run by electricity and due to this production of goods and food has increased manifold. The power of electricity also runs cottage and small scale industries. Flour mills, crushers, saw mills and a number of other such devices function with electricity.

Thousand and thousands of newspapers, books, magazines, etc., are published daily. The printing of such a big number of these is made possible only by electricity. Life will not be worth living without such means of recreation as radio, television, cinema, etc., and these run on electricity.
Many diseases today are being cured by electric treatment. Human body can be aaalysed and diseases as well as fractures of bones can be examined by means of X-rays operated by electricity. Plastic surgery is the latest and most useful invention which is impossible without electricity. Thus, it is due to electricity that science has been able to lessen human pain and suffering.

It is not possible to enumerate all the uses to which electricity can be put. In fact, life, its comforts, conveniences, ease and prosperity depend on electricity. Today life without electricity is unthinkable. It is the single most valuable gift of science to humanity.


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