Sunday, March 13, 2011


Nuclear energy can be used for destruction as well as for construction. Hiroshima and Nagasaki are the witness that nuclear energy so far has been used for destructive purposes. Powerful nations have stockpiled nuclear arms which can destroy the world any day. But properly used for the benefit of man, nuclear energy can bring about greatest comforts and better living for all. Nuclear energy has been discovered at a time when it is clear that the earth’s resources of stored energy cannot last more than two hundred years. The world badly needs nuclear power and will need it more in the years to come.

In industry, nuclear radiations and radio-active materials are providing more accurate control in the production of better and cheaper things. In agriculture also, radiation is finding widespread use like to improve the present varieties of fruit, vegetables and crops. And it can be used for inventing new possibilities. It can be used to cure and stop killer diseases in plants so that the yield is increased.

The other main sphere where nuclear energy can help us greatly is the supply of cheap electricity. It can help in easy generation and regeneration of water to produce electricity. It would then easily reach the remote areas or backward countries which have irregular or absolutely no supply of electricity.

In the field of medical sciences, the diseases of the thyroid have been classified with the use of radio iodine which the gland absorbs far more easily. Then there is radiography which needs a small radioactive source and simple equipment. Nuclear energy in the form of laser has proved to be helpful in demolishing tumours, stones, etc. Laser treatment of the eyes has done very useful work.
Thus, with the help of nuclear power, a new dimension has been added to every field.


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