Thursday, March 3, 2011


Sportsmanship teaches us those qualities which are useful not only in school and college life but also in after life. It teaches a player honesty and fair play. A true sportsman hates dishonesty. He plays a fair game strictly obeying the rules of the games. If his side wins, he is glad but he is also kind and sympathetic towards his opponents. If his side loses, he is sorry but not angry and heartily congratulates his Opponents on their victory.

Sportsmanship teaches us to obey. A true sportsman will blindly obey the orders of his captain. He will accept the judgement of the referee or umpire with a smiling face even when he knows it to be wrong. It has been well said that the best commander would be one who has first learnt to obey.

A true sportsman is always cool-headed and smiling. Even in his worst defeat, he will not lose his temper. It has been seen that in football and hockey good players are intentionally injured and wounded by mean players so that they may not get an easy victory, but these true sportsmen never try to injure them.

Lessons learnt on the playing field are very useful in the work of school life. A true sportsman will never try to deceive teachers in examinations, never tell lies to shield himself , and never throw dust into the eyes Of his friends. A true sportsman is kind and sympathetic to weaker students of his class and he will always help them in every possible way.

The qualities of sportsmanship help a sportsman in all difficulties and troubles which come to him in after life His guiding principle ‘fair play and no favour’ will come to his help everywhere. A true sportsman will hate all dishonest ways; he will never accept bribes if he happens to be a government employee and he will never earn money by black-market, if he happens to be a businessman. A true sportsman will thus do his duty and leave the rest of creed and he will never think of the reward of his work.

Thus sportsmanship is a quality which should be learnt and acquired by all.


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