Thursday, March 3, 2011


Superstitions are blind-beliefs which have no scientific basis. All religions have their superstitions. These superstitions are neither reasonable nor advisable. No sane person will allow himself to fall a prey to them. They are all blind beliefs and should not be given a second thought.

However, in India, there are a large number of superstitious people, specially women. Some people believe that if a black cat crosses your path, everything goes wrong. The work for which you are going may not materialize. You may meet with an accident. And so on. Also, the same kind of things happen if somebody sneezes in front of the person who is going out of the house. Surprisingly, if the same person sneezes at the back or twice, nothing will happen.

Some people in India believe that eating sugar and curd before an examination or interview fetches excellent results. What will happen if all appear at them after eating sugar and curd? Ladies believe that touching a cows feet seven times adds to the happiness of their families. What if while touching feet the lady is pierced through by the horn?

Some people even believe that watching the solar eclipse with naked eyes brings good fortune. Yes , and the good fortune may be blindness for life! Others believe that walking under the ladder and opening an umbrella inside the house brings bad luck. It is also believed that snapping the scissors alone gives rise to a fight in the family. Thus , there are hundreds of superstitions.


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