Sunday, May 8, 2011

1. Make Hay while the Sun Shines

This quotation means that we should not let an opportunity slip through our fingers. In the understanding of this principle lies the secret of success in life. The ant is a hardworking insect. It collects corn for the rainy days. The cricket makes merry when it should work. So, it suffers. In cold countries like England farmers try to take the fullest advantage of the sunshine. The sun shines rarely there. When the sun shines they dry the grass in it. Then they keep it to be used as fodder for their cattle. Thus they do not have to face trouble in feeding their cattle. We must know that future is uncertain. We should not have rosy dreams of the future if we are not capable of taking advantage of the available opportunities. We must realise that time once lost cannot be recalled. We must not waste the present time. Youth is a period when we have energy in our body. We should not waste this golden period of our life in staying idle. We should spend this time in earning and learning.

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