Thursday, May 19, 2011

10. Handsome is that Handsome Does

Physical beauty is not the true test of handsomeness. Sometimes bright eyes, a sharp nose, red cheeks and curly hair are considered to be signs of beauty. But this conception of beauty is not without certain defects. Physical beauty is a short-lived thing. It is a nine days wonder. It falls within the compass of time which destroys everything. Real beauty and true handsomeness lie in our deeds and actions. A man who performs noble and heroic deeds is handsome in the true sense of the word. Our success or failure in life is not measured by the physical beauty but by the beauty of character. Socrates was very ugly to look at. But his noble deeds have made him immortal. Abraham Lincoln was also very ugly and awkward looking. His work for the removal of slavery has made him immortal in the history Of the U.S.A. All the great men have found a permanent place in the temple of fame and beauty because of their noble deeds. Men like Gandhiji, Nehru and Shastri have left permanent footprints on the sands of time. So a man is handsome not because of physical charms but because of his noble actions. It is true that handsome is he who does noble and virtuous deeds.