Thursday, May 19, 2011

7. “God is in His Heaven and All is Right with the World”

These well-known lines have been spoken by Browning. They express extreme optimism. They tell us that a divine power rules this world and right and justice prevail here. But this belief turns out to be false when we actually examine the human conditions and circumstances. God may be in His Heaven but the truth is that all is not well with the world which is a place of sorrow and suffering. Some poets have said that this world is a dim vale of tears. Hardy feels that happiness is but an occasional episode in the general drama of pain. In his famous poem ‘Ode to A Nightingale’ Keats says how young men die an untimely death, the suffering and the sick groan and get no relief, beauty is short-lived. Evil, wickedness, misery and injustice prevail in the world. It seems that God does not appear to care much for human welfare. It also appears that the world has been given over to the Devil himself. This is specially true of the modern age. Development of science has reached a stage at which even a very slight carelessness on the part of man can bring disaster to the world. Things are growing from bad to worse. Everywhere there are signs of danger ahead. Not only in the political field, but in other spheres of activity also, there are discontent, nervousness, fear, suspicion and mistrust. It is not possible to agree with Browning that ours is a world in which right and justice are more powerful than evil and wickedness.

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