Thursday, May 19, 2011

14. Health is Wealth

Good health is a valuable treasure that a man can possess. It is only sound health that enables us to enjoy all the pleasures of life. We cannot enjoy prosperity brought by wealth if we do not enjoy good health. A rich man on a sick bed envies the lot of a healthy man eating a coarse diet and sleeping on the hard floor. Health cannot be purchased with money whereas wealth once lost can be re-earned. Life has provided us several comforts and amenities. A well-furnished house, tasty dishes and the servants ready to carry out the orders have little charm for the landlord who has been ailing (sick) for a long time. He is a burden to those around him. After sometime he becomes an object of pity. A sound mind dwells in a sound body. Physical health is necessary for good mental health. A healthy man is calm and peaceful at all times. He can enjoy intellectual pursuits. He can read religious books or life stories of great souls and enrich his own mind. An unhealthy man has a sick mind. He feels irritated over trifles. It is therefore essential that we should take great care of our health. We must realise that health is real wealth. It has been rightly said that if wealth is lost nothing is lost. Wealth can be re-earned. But it is not easy to regain lost health.


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