Sunday, May 8, 2011

5. Cowards Die Many Times Before Their Death

Death comes to every man. It is something unavoidable. Therefore we should not be afraid of it. The path of life is paved with difficulties. A man has to face several misfortunes in the course of his life. A coward becomes nervous in the face of every danger. He is overawed by the imaginary fear of death. A little trouble in life throws his mind off its
hinges. He lives in constant fear of death. His life is a constant punishment to him as he dies every minute. Thus he dies thousands of times before his death. As against this, there is the brave man. He keeps smiling under all circumstances. He knows that the moment of death is fixed. It must come. There is no running away from death. Browning in his poem ‘Prospice’ expressed his wish to die fighting with death. He was a brave man. He was not at all afraid life. A brave man delights in facing dangers boldly. Thus he saves himself from the agony of the fear of death. He rather challenges death. He knows that if the worse comes to
the worst, he may die. His spirit will always remain unconquerable. It is this conviction that makes his life worth emulating.

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