Sunday, May 8, 2011

2.Charity Begins at Home

This proverb contains a good deal of truth. A man’s first duty is to help the members of his own family. Our near and dear ones share our sorrows and take delight in our joys. The parents spare no effort in providing comforts of life to their children. A mother’s sacrifice for her children is proverbial. She keeps the child warm even when it is very cold. Our near and dear ones stand by us when we are in trouble. Blood is always thicker than water. It is common knowledge that we often help our friends and relatives. Such an outlook is however based on selfishness. It tends to make us narrow-minded. If we believe too much in the principle “Charity begins at home” we are likely to ignore another man’s merit. Merit is the first casualty when a person is governed by this principle. We should think that all men are children of the same father, God. As such we should be generous to others. We must lend help to the deserving cases and not only to those who are our kith and kin. But it is a hard fact that we are willing to do something for our kith and kin but we are indifferent to the interests of those around us.

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