Sunday, May 8, 2011

6. A Rolling Stone Gathers No Moss

It is well known that no moss can gather on a piece of stone which constantly rolls from place to place. What is true of a stone is true of human beings also. Those persons who have no fixed principles cannot succeed in life. If they cannot stick to any purpose for long and allow their resolution to change constantly, they can do nothing worthwhile. In life they change constantly and like a weather-cock with every gust of wind, they fly from resolution to resolution. The result is that they meet with failure and face disappointment. Constant change stands in the way of their progress and ruins their career. Every change of place and work involves total or partial loss of time, energy and money spent. It needs fresh preparation, inventions fresh investment of money and energy and fresh efforts to overcome difficulties. So whether a person is a doctor, a lawyer, a tutor or a businessman, he should learn to labour. Success in life smiles upon those persons who have a firm will and a fixed purpose. If they do not stick to one profession but go on adopting new professions, their labour will be lost. Every time they will have to prepare a new ground, create a new market, select new friends and find new methods. Only those persons who stick to one place and work honestly with a firm will can rise to the top of the ladder. Fame, fortune and wealth surely favour them.